Every child in Uganda is entitled to a free school education but the numbers of places in government schools falls significantly short of the numbers of children needing to attend school. For many children, especially those living in rural communities, non-government schools are their only option, but these schools aren’t free, meaning for many families sending their children to school isn’t an option.

What we do

The Pearl of Africa Child Care charity supports the Molly and Paul schools to provide:

  • School places to all children regardless of background or their ability to pay.
  • Teacher and Support Staff salaries.
  • Exam entry fees for all students.
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Provision across all schools.
  • Educational resources for children.
  • At least one meal per day for all children attending school.
  • Upkeep and general maintenance of schools and school grounds.

Over1,500 children receive an education in Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation schools. The foundation also employs over 200 teachers and support staff, helping to build strong families and communities.

Every £20 donated helps send one child to school for a month, ensuring they have a brighter future.

Most of the children who attend MPCCF schools come from poor or deprived backgrounds. Many of their parents did not attend education themselves, are often unemployed and and cannot afford to feed their children, meaning paying for their child’s education is impossible.