Many Ugandans, especially those living in rural communities, walk miles several times a day to fetch water for themselves, their family and their village. Water that is often dirty, contaminated and unsafe to use.

Over 50% of Ugandans lack access to safe water. Over 80% of Ugandans
do not have access to toilet or adequate sanitation facilities. At the Molly and Paul schools, we ensure that there is plentiful clean water for all students. We have also dug bore holes which the local community is able to use , at the Molly and Paul Child care Foundation our vision is to support all children and our local communities. Molly Wasswa MPCCF Director

Clean Water gives children a brighter future

What we do

We ensure that each MPCCF school has access to a clean water supply for drinking, washing and cooking.  This means that our children will not fall ill with waterborne diseases.

We also invest in infrastructure projects to increase access to water, toilet and sanitation facilities for the local community.  

Currently our funding ensures;

  • Each school has a plentiful supply of clean water either through piped or bore holes dug deep into the ground. Thanks to generous support from Rotary International in Kamunzinda Children’s Village, clean piped water is now available to the schools and wider community.
  • Toilets and washing facilities are available at each school.
  • The Children’s Homes and the MPCCF clinic have access to clean water as well as toilet and washing facilities.

Sponsor a Project

Due to Covid-19, it is essential that all of our facilities maintain a clean supply of water, especially for washing.  This will ensure that our school children can attend classes safely.  This means certain infrastructure improvement projects have needed bringing forward unexpectedly.