Many children attending Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation schools live in the poorest areas of Kampala and Masaka.  They may not be able to have a regular meal each day.

A regular and nutritious diet is important in maintaining good health and wellbeing as well as a proper focus in academic studies.   Many MPCCF children walk long distances to attend school and we know when they are fed, they are less likely to fall ill, more motivated to study and have more energy. 

Food is fundamental to ensuring children have a bright future

What we do
One of our core principles is to ensure that all children at MPCCF schools receive at least one meal a day.  We are grateful to all our donors whose giving now provides:

  • A cup of porridge with sugar and soya every school day for every child
  • A meal of posho and beans every day of the week

MPCCF staff also farm 12 acres of grounds around Kamunzinda producing maize and beans, allowing the schools to become sustainable in food production.

Meet Uncle Andrew, Farm School Manager – 40% of all our income is spent on feeding children and staff. We have always had a dream to provide a plate of food in addition to posho and beans and the Food Production Project is helping this dream become a reality. We have so far planted, fenced and irrigated over 12 acres of land, and we still have 8 acres available for other agricultural farming. We hope for many more plentiful harvests to ensure no one ever goes hungry.

Every £10 donated gives the gift of food