Meet Kaigwa Annet Kunga

I am a Director of the Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation and have general oversight of the progress of all six MPCCF schools.  I work closely with the Pearl of Africa Child Care charity to ensure that all monies raised are spent on educating children and providing for their welfare.  I am also headteacher of one of the MPCCF schools, Nazarene Vocational High School.  I also manage the schools’ sustainable agricultural project which helps provide a meal a day for all of our school children.  

Meet Kalemeera Livingstone

I am a former student at Nazarene High School, one of the MPCCF schools.  I attended Nazarene because my parents could not afford the fees of other local schools  My five brothers and one sister also attended Nazarene High School.  After graduating from university I became an accountant and now work for the MPCCF schools.  I am now married and have three children.  I am grateful for the education I received and would not be where I am today without the support of the Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation.

Meet Kuteesa John

I have been a teacher at the Molly and Paul Primary school in Kamuzinda since 2008.  My main specialism is teaching science.  When I see children who are hardworking and focused on passing their exams, I know I am in the right profession.  Teaching in Uganda is not always easy.  Many schools have large class sizes and few resources.  We are grateful for the support we receive from the Pearl of Africa Child Care Charity which means we can teach smaller sized classes and provide books for every child.  This support will help all our children succeed.

Meet Nabukenya Lukia

All the children at the Molly and Paul Schools call me Mama Moses.  A Mama is the person who oversees one of the boarding houses.  I have been the Mama at Kangaroo Home since 1993.  Kangaroo House is a boarding house for 22 girls who attend the MPCCF primary and secondary schools in Kamuzinda.  I look after the emotional and welfare needs of all the girls and cook their evening meal.  I encourage all of the girls to love and care for each other and to work hard on their studies.