Molly and Paul schools

The Molly and Paul schools are:

  • New Kabale Busega School – based on the outskirts of the city of Kamplala
  • Wheeling School – based in the outskirts of the city of Kampala
  • Kamuzinda Primary School – based in a rural district, outside the town of Masaka
  • Nazarene Vocational High School
  • Kamuzinda Farm school
  • Bunjaako Secondary School

New Kabale Busega School and Wheeling School

Both schools are based in the outskirts of Kampala, which is Uganda’s most populated city. 

Kamuzinda Primary School, Nazarene Vocational High School and Kamuzinda Farm School

Based in the rural district of Kamuzinda, which is half an hour’s drive from the town of Masaka.  They are all sited on the same plot of rural land, and also have 10 children’s homes and a medical centre to support the children who attend the Kamuzinda schools.

Bunjaako Secondary School

Bunjaako Secondary School is again a very rural school, supporting the community of Bunjaako Island, which lies on the shores of Lake Victoria.  It also has two children’s homes to support the students who attend the school.

‘The Molly and Paul schools aim to deliver a quality education and to provide nurture and care for some of Uganda’s poorest children.  We seek to serve, to empower and to give every child the opportunity to succeed.  Where there are tears, we replace this with laughter.  Where there is sorrow, we replace this with hope.  Our children are taught the values of equality, compassion and care.  They are also taught to be optimistic about their future and to be the driver for change for themselves and for their families.’

Annet Kaigwa, Headteacher of Nazarene Vocational Hugh School and the lead director of the Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation

Kamuzinda Primary School, Kamuzinda, Uganda