The five leading causes of death in Uganda include communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, respiratory tract infections and diarrheal diseases. The risk factors most responsible for death and disability include child and maternal malnutrition, unprotected sexual activity, contaminated water and poor sanitation.  The Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation focuses on building strong, robust programs to support children’s health and wellbeing, particularly for girls and women.

Good Health and Wellbeing gives children a brighter future

What we do
Kamunzinda Clinic is based in Kamunzinda Children’s Village, serving over 800 children attending three of the MPCCF schools, 300 children who board in the homes during term time and over 60 staff who also live within the grounds of Kamunzinda. In addition, the clinic also supports the wider community. Thanks to generous support from individual donors and volunteers, current funding for the clinic allows us to;

  • Cover salary costs for medical director, nurses and health care staff
  • Buy basic medicines and drugs when available and needed
  • Run blood tests and diagnose illnesses
  • Provide medical care for individuals with illnesses such as malaria
  • Run a sexual health clinic
  • Provide reusable sanitary products to all girls attending MPCCF schools
  • Lead Family Planning outreach in the community
  • Provide maternity support for women during childbirth

Every £10 donated pays for one course of anti-malaria medication.

Malaria accounts for 40% of missed school days in Uganda. Early prevention and prompt treatment of malaria can save lives.