Molly and Paul

Molly and Paul married and both became teachers in the 1970’s.  Very soon, they realised that many children were not able to go to school because of expensive school fees, so they opened up a school for some of the poorest children in their community.  Soon, demand for school places rose to the point where Molly and Paul had to expand and open up new schools.  Now they run 6 schools in both urban and rural areas and educate over 1,500 children.

Molly and Paul schools have a distinctive ethos of love and care for all children who learn there.  Most of these children are from very poor families who cannot afford school fees.  Each child also receives at least one meal a day and many of the students stay in boarding house provision, especially if their family home is many miles from the school.

Molly and Paul continue to inspire all students and staff across their schools.  Their example of care, nurture and support are the same values held dearly by all members of their school communities.