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Virtual Drumming Workshops

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With no choir tour this year we want to bring something different to our supporters in the UK, complete this form to register an interest in hosting a virtual drumming workshop with your school, church or group.






Join Deo and Shantel, two members of the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir, live from Uganda for a 1hr drumming workshop. Each workshop is hosted via Zoom and will follow the structure outlined below. Please note the complexity of the drumming rhythms will change depending on the age group.


  • Welcome and Hello from Uganda
  • Teaching of different rhythms
  • Discussion about the drums being used
  • Songs from Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir
  • Q&A opportunity with Deo and Shantel


To register an interest in hosting a workshop please complete this form


Each workshop can accommodate one class (approx. 30 children) and once registered you will receive an Activity Workbook and Certificate of Participation via email. There is also opportunities to purchase an African drum but this is not a requirement. For the workshop, everyone will need something to hit, maybe an upside-down bin, pan, bucket or box. If you already have a drums – bring them along.


All workshops are a fundraiser for the Pearl of Africa Child Care. We are changing a small fee for the workshop to cover the costs associated with Zoom, but we hope you may consider hosting a small fundraising event at your school, church, community groups to raise additional funds. A small amount really can make a huge difference;


  • £4 gives one child, one meal a day for a month
  • £5 buys one lifesaving malaria drug
  • £20 pays the weekly salary of one teacher, with a class of approx. 35+
  • £25 is the monthly cost of one child attending school and living in one of our homes
  • £40 is the annual cost for one pupil to sit their school exams
  • £50 is the monthly salary of a Mama in one of our 12 homes
  • £100 pays the monthly salary of one nurse in our clinic

Click here to get fundraising ideas, perfect for during lockdown! 

Alongside Deo and Shantel in Uganda, there will also be a facilitator from our UK Board of Trustees on the Zoom call. To register an interest in hosting a workshop please complete this form and a trustee will be in touch soon.