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Handmade Washable Face Masks

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Thank you for choosing to support Pearl of Africa Child Care. By purchasing this face mask you are one of 50 people who have supported our Get One, Give One campaign. Not only do you get a beautiful hand-sewn face mask you are also gifting a face mask to a pupil, teacher or mama at one of the Molly and Paul Foundation Schools.

All masks are £7.50 which includes UK delivery. All masks are adult sizes and are a lightweight, breathable fit. Each mask has been hand-sewn by the DT Needlework Project team at the Molly and Paul Foundation.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email hello@pearlofafrica.org.uk 

8 in stock (can be backordered)



With Uganda in lockdown and face masks compulsory, the staff at The Molly and Paul Foundation have started making masks through the DT Needlework Project, and we are thrilled to have a small batch for sale in the UK.

All masks are hand-sewn and are a 100% cotton, lightweight fabric with two elastic hoops for over the ears. Each face mask has a slightly different pattern, with either a black or white border. The material is very similar to the costumes worn by The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir.

How it fits: The mask is a very comfortable fit and went from the top of my nose tucking underneath my chin. The elastic over the ears is stretchy so the mask feels secure on your face but not tight. The side sections fitted close to my cheeks and it felt very lightweight and breathable. 

All masks are adult sizes and come in a small plastic bag, and have been in the UK for two weeks. All orders include UK delivery  

Get One and Give One – When you purchase this mask for £7.50 you will also be gifting a face mask to one of the children, teachers, mamas and support staff in Uganda who need one in Uganda. As this initiative is a fundraiser for Pearl of Africa Child Care everything we raise will also support our Back to School Campaign. To learn more follow this link; https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/backtoschool2020