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Since 2006, we have been supporting the Molly and Paul Child Care Foundation in Uganda

As a non government organization working in the districts of Masaka and Kampala, the Molly and Paul Foundation run six schools, nine children’s homes, a farm school and medical clinic that provide education, shelter, food and healthcare to orphaned and destitute children.

To find out more about The Molly and Paul Foundation, click here. Our biggest fundraising event is the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir UK Tour that is made up from children in Molly and Paul Foundation schools. All money raised in the UK supports work in these six areas:


We believe everyone should have the right to an education and to support the Molly and Paul Foundation in their vision of never turning away a children due to financial constraints, each year we provide funding for teachers salaries. There are over 2,000 children in Molly and Paul Foundation schools including many refugees in Kampala, fleeing from violence or unrest in the neighbouring countries. Teachers on average are paid £100 a month

Clean Water

Although the number of people with access to safe water and sanitation in Uganda is improving there are still many communities that rely on contaminated water from streams and open wells.  Many children suffer from Typhoid especially in Kampala due to lack of access to improved sanitation and overcrowding.  To try and reduce this spread of typhoid in schools we have started using a water purification system. Give clean water today and purchase a water filtration system for £700.   


We believe that when children have food in their belly, they can concentrate better in school, which is why today every child at Molly and Paul Foundation schools receives at least one cup of porridge every school day. We are grateful to our supporters across the country that contribute to these various feeding programs and aspire to build upon this so children can have a more varied diet. A cup of porridge every day for a school term is approx £5, learn more today. 


The clinic at Kamunizda provides medical care for all the children living in the village and attending the schools. It also provides further support to communities around the schools with outreach family planning sessions, providing medical treatment, delivering babies and providing drugs when needed. The cost of treating one case of malaria is just £10 and helps saves hundreds of lives each year. Save a life today and donate £10 and buy a lifesaving malaria vaccine. 


Over 500 children live across the 12 children’s homes supported by the Foundation. Some of the these children are orphans, others have lost their parents and so live in the homes during the school year before retuning to grandparents, or family members during the holidays. Others live far away, or their village has no food and so the children are sent to live in schools during the term to relieve some of the pressure on the village. Each home is ran by a mama, these incredible women, raise these children as their own, teaching them skills and preparing them for life after Molly and Paul Foundation. A donation of £40 will pay the monthly salary for one of the mama.


Whilst the aims above remain a priority we do also raised funds for specific projects such as animal husbandry projects at the Farm school, school supplies and re-building. This project are ad-hoc depending on funding available and we are keen to work with individuals or groups who wish to raise funds for specific resource based projects that are agreed in advance with our Trustees and the Molly and Paul Foundation. To find out more information about individual project please contact a trustee.