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“Our role is to support wherever we could, sometimes just the morning, other times the whole day, when we weren’t driving we helped sell crafts the raise funds after performances. if you’re considering volunteering to help the POACC, do it. You’ll love it!”

Many of our volunteers get involved with volunteer after they have seen the choir perform and there are various different ways you can volunteer:

Host Family

Its thanks to host families up and down the country that we can bring the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir over to the UK.  Host families usually host two members of the choir in their home for a week.  There is usually free time on the weekends to get to know the children staying with you and find out more about their lives in Uganda.


The choir travel in a 16 seater mini bus and have a large van so you will need to check your licence permits you to drive these kinds of vehicles.  As a volunteer driver, you have one of the best seats in the house.  From hearing them sing along to the radio in the morning, to moving them between venues and hearing their stories in the evening we always need drivers to support the tour

Venue Host

Are you a teacher? Involved in a school? or venue such as a church, theatre, or other public performance spac (preferably indoor)? Why not consider hosting a performance by the choir?  We are usually in each area for 14 days so why not considering bringing the drums of Uganda to your program.

Area Host

Are you organized? Do you have some contacts in your area? Are you part of a like-minded group who want to make a difference? You could bring the choir to your area.  We normally expect a minimum of a week (5 working days) in any one area, with the choir going into different schools each day and giving performances each evening.  You would also usually need 9 host families and at least 2 drivers, but with lots of guidance and support from our experience organizers, it would be a week you would never forget.

Last year hundreds of volunteers from across the country volunteered to support the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir Tour which meant over 2,000 children in Uganda could go could go to school, got at least one meal a day and access to healthcare and a home if needed.