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“Standing the middle of Kamunzinda, listening to 1,000 children singing is something I will never forget.

For many years’ volunteers have been visiting the Molly and Paul Foundation in Uganda and are given a warm welcome

Whether you are a lone traveler, with friends or a family, volunteering with Molly and Paul is certainly a life-enriching experience and for many past volunteers has been life-changing. Volunteers have to be aged 18 unless they are accompanied by parents/guardians.

Volunteering with MPCCF does not require you to have a particular skill set apart from enthusiasm, a willingness to work, and to adhere to the Ugandan charities’ Code of Conduct which you will be expected to sign on arrival.

If you are interested in volunteering in a specific area, the following opportunities are available.

Health Care
The clinic is in a rural area where malaria is endemic. It serves the schools and the local village population and there are opportunities to observe and sometimes help with work at the clinic.

Education and Teaching
There are six schools were you can get hands-on experience in a fun and friendly environment.

Get involved in animal husbandry or the Food Production projects which are developing as the charity moves towards self-sustainability. Kamuzinda is close to the equator and at 1500 meters above sea level the land is fertile and productive with 2 harvests annually; Maize, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocados, passion fruit, coffee are some of the things that grow in profusion.

If you have any experience in building or DIY, there are always jobs to be done such as painting classrooms, building maintenance, and repairs.

While Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd will not take responsibility for your volunteering experience our trustees are willing to help you plan your trip.

Read more about Volunteering with MPCCF 2020. This guide outlines the steps you need to take and also provides contact details of people in your area who have been to Uganda multiple times and can help you plan your trip.