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Fundraise during lockdown

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We need your support. With the cancellation of the 2020 Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir Tour, and the prospect of no tour in 2021 we predict that by September 2021 our small charity will run out of funds, and no longer be able to support the incredible work of The Molly and Paul Foundation in Uganda.

We cannot let this happen. Join our team and launch your own fundraising campaign today, we have tons of ideas.

With your help we can ensure children in Uganda can get an education, and access to food, clean water and healthcare. 

1.  Imagination during isolation! Why not set yourself a physical challenge and ask for donations to support you along the way! Use your staircase to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest, complete a half marathon in your garden or ask a group of friends to commit to walk/run/cycle a collective 6000 miles – the same distance from the UK to Uganda.  

2. Online fundraising classes! Lots of exercise classes are now being held virtually, so why not organise an online workout or class and invite your friends, family and colleagues to join in for a small donation.

3. Donate your commute! If you are saving lots of money on your daily or weekly commute to work, whether it be your train, tube, bus or petrol fees, this could make a huge difference to our friends in Uganda. Why not donate some of this money you have saved and ask your friends and family to do the same?

4. Readathon! Some of you may find yourselves with some more spare time than you would usually have during the pandemic, so, why not set yourself an ambitious goal of reading 10 books in 60 days and ask for sponsorship to support you? The target can be increased/decreased accordingly and is a great challenge to involve the whole family in.

5. Give up something you love for a month! Fundraising for a good cause + encouraging better habits = winner! We all have our downfalls – whether it be chocolate, crisps, coffee, alcohol, mobile phones or use of social media. Ask for family and friends to donate to your cause by supporting you in your new healthier lifestyle, but be prepared, it may be harder than you think!

6. Donate your coffee! With many of us working from home, we are likely to be spending a lot less on takeaway coffees from high street retailers such as Starbucks and Costa during lockdown! Why not work out the amount that you would spend on your daily or weekly coffee and donate this to help Pearl of Africa Child Care?

7. Moviethon This one is perfect for raising funds whilst being stuck indoors! With access to hundreds of films on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and through re-visiting your DVD collections, you can set yourself a 24-hour (or even 48-hour if you’re feeling super confident) challenge to get through as many movies as you can! Who knows, sleep deprivation might just encourage those extra donations!

8. PoACC supporters have talent! (Online event) We all love Britain’s Got Talent (even if we don’t like to admit it) so why not arrange a similar virtual event with your school, church, running club or family and friends? With a suggested entry fee to the competition, host the online event via Zoom, Teams or whatever platform you wish to use, and encourage participation from people with a range of talents (singing, drumming, dancing, acting, , stand-up comedy, hula-hooping, magic tricks etc). Spread the word (virtually) and afterwards ask everyone to send in their scores. A certificate and medal could be presented to the winner!